11111 FREIGHT DISPATCHING SERVICES..AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound

Product Code: GFW


MSOIL Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound is based on proprietary technology that does
not use asphaltic materials, residual compounded oils or diluent solvents as part of the
lubricant formulation.

It provides excellent adhesion to surfaces, resistance to water washout and protection FREIGHT DISPATCHING SERVICES
against rust, corrosion, and wear. Virtually eliminates common deficiencies of residual
oils and asphaltic compounds such as narrow operating temperature range, flaking, poor
adhesion, water washout and environmental concerns.

It is an aerosol spray product, making application quick, easy, neat and economical.
Because AMSOIL GFW sprays on, less product is required to cover an application
than is required with liquid or paste products.


  • Excellent resistance to water washout
  • Environmentally preferable to solvent-containing formulations
  • Protects ferrous surfaces from rust
  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Forms a tacky, tenacious film
  • Heavy load-carrying and extreme-pressure performance
  • Stays pliable at cold temperatures and does not flake off




AMSOIL GFW may be applied to fifth wheels, open gears, wire ropes, chains, flexible
couplings, sliding surfaces of drag lines and shovels, construction equipment, dredging
equipment or any application where a heavy, tenacious lubricant is required.

GFW should be applied at an adequate coverage rate to ensure good lubrication and
coverage of all mating surfaces. For easy application, apply at room temperature.

Relubrication intervals are based on environmental conditions and use. Manufacturers’
recommendations and users’ observations of surface conditions may be used to establish
correct application rates and lubrication intervals.


Because of the inherent cold-temperature properties of synthetic base materials, AMSOIL
GFW stays fluid at cold temperatures. This dramatically eases application and allows the
product to protect surfaces, where residual compounded oils and solvent-cut asphaltic
products may not. In cold temperature applications, residualcompounded or asphaltic
products will typically flake off, leaving the surfaces unprotected against wear and
weather, causing the relubrication interval to increase. AMSOIL GFW does not flake off in
cold temperatures, but stays in place to provide long-lasting lubrication protection.

In warm temperatures, asphaltic materials soften and lose film strength, allowing
component wear. AMSOIL GFW, a tacky lubricant, stays in place during warm temperature
operations, providing heavy load carrying and extreme pressure performance, thus
protecting surfaces and reducing the need for frequent relubrication.


AMSOIL GFW, with its synthetic base materials and highly polar nature, provides
excellent adhesion to metal surfaces even in hostile environments. This is a tremendous
advantage since compounded oils and solvent-cut asphaltic materials’ adhesion are readily
affected by the cleanliness of the metal surface. The ability of GFW to adhere to surfaces
under a variety of conditions means greater protection, less maintenance and cleaner

* Aerosol spray contains a solvent that evaporates quickly leaving a solvent-free film
of material on treated surfaces.


Technical Properties Chart

Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound, AGMA 14R


  • GFW-SC, 11.5-oz spray can



  • GFW-06, (6) 11.5-oz spray cans


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